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Finch Events

Next "in-person" meeting is Sunday December 3
Special Event - Crafts, Bird Supplies, Birds Sale 1pm
Meeting in VISTA!
We will meet again on January 28, 2024
Note: If you are feeling sick please consider others who might be 'at risk' and stay home.

Why do we have In-Person meetings?

In-person meetings are great. We get to easily talk to fellow members, buy and sell birds and products such as bird seed, grit, millet, etc. Volunteers buy supplies in bulk, as much as possible, and transfer the savings to members. Thanks Antonio and your team of volunteers who drive many miles to buy product, lug 25lb and 50lb bags of seed to the meeting, and re-bag millet and other things for the members!

Why aren't we meeting in-person every month?

The primary reasons we do not meet in person every month is because we have found that every other month is just about right for:

1. People to attend, see friends, ask questions, sell and buy birds, and get supplies

2. Club volunteers to get everything ready for the meeting

3. Finding interesting presenters and topics about our favorite friends

NOTE: We have about 10 volunteers that help the meetings to be successful plus the many people who bring in treats to  eat while bonding with others. Some volunteers contribute 2 hours a month, others much more. We could use just 10 more volunteers to get things in order. Many are willing to help but, until now they didn't "hear" the need. For example, we need a volunteer coordinator. This would be a people-person who can help the influx of volunteers find spots that they fit.  Is that you? Let Antonio know. You can send a message from this website. We also need someone to read the messages that come in on this website...weekly. Maybe 15 minutes a week, based on recent experience. 

2024 In-Person Meeting schedule (subject to change for various reasons):

Sunday January 28

Sunday March 24

Sunday May 26

Sunday July 28

Sunday Sept 22

Sunday Oct 27

Sunday Dec 8

ZOOM Meetings on hold...indefinately.

During COVID we were having ZOOM Meetings every other month. We found that after COVID members were not "flocking" to attend the ZOOM meetings. 

Previous meeting

(Oct 22, 2023)


We learned how to determine the sex of many different breeds of dimorphic finches. We even learned what dimorphic meant and how to remember the difference between dimorphic and monomorphic without using the Internet. (Finches that have different characteristics between the sexes are dimorphic..."d" for different).

Directions to Meetings in Vista

Bird sales at 1:00pm,
Meeting at 2:00pm.


Parking -
Remember to park only at the Hall lot and not other lots (up the hill) or you could be towed!

San Diego Finch Society Meeting Location -Directions

  1. A.  On I-15 in San Diego go north past Escondido. Exit at Gopher Canyon Road (Exit 41) and head west (left). Then road turns left on                   East Vista Way (county road S13). Now go about 1.1 mile. (go to instruction #2 below)

       B.  On I-5 from San Diego, before Oceanside exit Highway 78 exit.. From HIghway 78 exit onto Vista Village Drive and turn left onto VIsta

.            Village Drive. Drive 3.2 mi. (note: Vista Village drive turns into East Vista Way..) ( go to instruction #2 below)

   2.  Look for the "Norway Hall" sign near “Prohibition Brewing Company” at 2004 E. Vista Way on the west side of E. Vista Way.

   3. Turn onto the driveway and drive next to Prohibition Brewing Company (left side of the Prohibition Brewing Company building) and drive                140 yards to the Norway Hall.

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