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In-Person Sales at Monthly Meetings! 

In-Person Bird Sales restarted at our April 2022 meeting in the Vista location. Bird sales 1pm-2pm.
As this great Finch Society benefit resumes please help by bringing birds to sell or trade.

Equally important please help with the setup and cleanup.  Thank you very, very much!

If you send an email listing what you are bringing to sell at the meeting, using the form below, we will highlight it on this page. 
Finches and Supplies For Sale

For Sale

At our meetings in Vista we are selling bulk seed, 5 lb. millet, nets, food dishes, finch leg bands (elastic) grass for nest boxes. and small bags of grit, shell, seed,  Contact Antonio directly or through a message below, if  you want to pick up a large bag of seed at the next meeting. 

For Sale

1st and 2nd round of young canaries, various colors, $50. Well be at     June 26th meeting - Joseph Irwin 858-353-6512

Saffrons (Trade) Melinda 951-692-2859 5/7/22

Gouldians, Owl Finch male - Brenda 619-987-2033 - 5/7/22

Lovebirds, Parakeets, Society & Zebras - John 619 252-3087 - 5/7/22

Button Quails 6 wk old - Joe 760-645-3643  5/7/22

2 genetically confirmed owl finch males. hatched 2021

Jeremy     6199875564  posted March 24,

Male Western Grey, Plantain Eater, Male Bruces Green Fruit Pigeons, Elegant Grass Parakeets, Pair Red-rump Parakeets, Male Black-headed Gouldians: Elio Noyes. 619-889-6817

Green Wing Dove Pairs, Johan, 760-715-6462

English Zebra Finches: Janet Edmonds. 951-532-4988 posted Aug 9

Fiery Eastern Rosellas, 3 Orange Red-rump Males: Lynn Hall, 951-240-0626

Spice Finches $30: Cindy Moore, 858-755-2634


Nest Boxes: Joshua Longfellow 619-957-6568

Seed & Bird Supplies: Gus & Helen, are no longer selling supplies. 

We are researching alternatives and are selling seed, grit, millet, etc at our meetings.

Finches and other Birds  Wanted


Cordon Blue Banded Pair - David Boryla - 619-921-5135

Fire Finches (Trade), Golden Breasted - Melinda -951 692-2859 5/7/22

Red Headed Parrot Finches - Marilyn - 760941-2214  5/7/22

Grey Singer male, Cutthroat female, owl female 619-987-2033 5/7/22

Green Singer & English Budgie weaver, BUtton quail, Euro Societies Tom 619-490-5024   5/7/22

Owl Finch (f) 619 987 5564 posted Mar 4

Red Creasted Turaco male - Johan 760-715-6462

Zebra (m), English Zebra (m) (f) Brenda 619 366 9810

posted Mar 6

Diamond Doves (f) Lyndia 619 313 7153

Posted Mar 6

  3 Fawn Zebra Finch (m) & Scarlet Chested (f) & Elegant (m) grasskeets

Antonio B. 619 677 4200 posted Mar 4

Shaft Tail red beak, (m)

Del Mar Annie 858 775 4723 posted Aug 24

1 pair of Gouldians

Rachel 951 704 3560  posted Aug 15

few pairs of Gouldian Finches (normals) to add diversity

Larry 619 948 9245 posted Aug 14

Cockatiels 2 (f)

Michelle 750 767 1413  posted Aug 11

Rosy Bourkes, 2 pair or single birds

Karen 619 913 6079   -posted Aug 10

Bourke (m)

Michelle 760 767 1413 - posted Aug 9

Orange Weavers (pair), Spice Finches (pair), Male button quail

Cherri 619-322-3893 posted Aug 9


Green Singing Finches (wanted 2 females)

Anne 585-749-7149  posted Aug 9 

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