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Male Western Grey, Plantain Eater, Male Bruces Green Fruit Pigeons, Elegant Grass Parakeets, Pair Red-rump Parakeets, Male Black-headed Gouldians: Elio Noyes. 619-889-6817

Green Wing Dove Pairs, Johan, 760-715-6462

English Zebra Finches: Janet Edmonds. 951-532-4988 posted Aug 9

Fiery Eastern Rosellas, 3 Orange Red-rump Males: Lynn Hall, 951-240-0626

Spice Finches $30: Cindy Moore, 858-755-2634


Nest Boxes: Joshua Longfellow 619-957-6568

Seed & Bird Supplies: Gus & Helen, 760-791-7211,

Finches and other Birds  Wanted


Shaft Tail red beak, male

Del Mar Annie 858 775 4723 posted Aug 24

1 pair of Gouldians

Rachel 951 704 3560  posted Aug 15

few pairs of Gouldian Finches (normals) to add diversity

Larry 619 948 9245 posted Aug 14

Cockatiels 2 females

Michelle 750 767 1413  posted Aug 11

Rosy Bourkes, 2 pair or single birds

Karen 619 913 6079   -posted Aug 10

Male Bourke

Michelle 760 767 1413 - posted Aug 9

Orange Weavers (pair), Spice Finches (pair), Male button quail

Cherri 619-322-3893 posted Aug 9


Green Singing Finches (wanted 2 females)

Anne 585-749-7149  posted Aug 9 

Red-cheeked Cordon Bleu Male, Gold Breasted Waxbill Hen,  Red-headed Gouldian Hen:  Cindy Moore, 858-755-2634

Green Singers- Male & Female, Spice Finches- Male & Female:
Tom Longfellow, 619-490-5024

Forbes Parrot Finch pair & Pin Tail Parrot Finches
Lalo 760-966-6974

Own Finch pair & Female Red Head Gouldian Normal
Jim Horacek

2 Pairs (each) of Zebra & Society Finches
Rod Smith 619-464-0630

Pair of Gouldian Finches
Pedro - 619-822-5656

Female Forbes Finch
Gigi - 714-973-0989

Bourke parakeets and English Zebra Finches
Abran John Grecia - 6192523087

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