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Finch Classifieds

In-Person Sales at Monthly Meetings! 

In-Person Bird Sales are on going at our "in person meetings" at the Vista location. Bird sales 1pm-2pm. Next in-person meeting is March 24.  Mark your calendar.

As this is a great Finch Society benefit, please help by bringing quality birds to sell or trade.

Equally important please help with the setup and cleanup.  Thank you very, very much!

NOTICE: We are no longer posting classified ads on this webpage as it might include private information (Names, Email addresses, Phone numbers, etc.) This information is easily "mined" by less-than-honorable people and their software. We have a new process in place that avoids this risk.

If you are not a Finch Society of San Diego County member you can get the list of Birds for Sale and Birds Wanted by joining the Finch Society and get the monthly newsletter that goes only to Finch Society members (Membership information is provided on this website.}

If you are wanting to sell or buy birds, like finches, we recommend you go to  Finch Society members who have birds for sale will insert ads on Craigslist and you can contact them directly. And you can sell your birds on Craigslist.

If you send an email listing what you are bringing to sell at the meeting, using the form below, we will add that to our monthly newsletter that is sent out to all Finch Society members who have provided us their email address. 
Finches and Supplies For Sale at each
Finch Society meeting


Want to Sell or Find a Finch? Send Us the Info.
You must be a current member of our Finch Society!

Please include all relevant info about the bird(s) plus your contact information. We will send out the classifieds in the regular newsletter. 


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