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Finch Classifieds

In-Person Sales at Monthly Meetings! 

In-Person Bird Sales are on going at our "in person meetings" at the Vista location. Bird sales 1pm-2pm. Next in-person meeting is March 24.  Mark your calendar.

As this is a great Finch Society benefit, please help by bringing quality birds to sell or trade.

Equally important please help with the setup and cleanup.  Thank you very, very much!

If you send an email listing what you are bringing to sell at the meeting, using the form below, we will try to highlight it on this page. We are using first names and phone numbers only... for privacy
Finches and Supplies For Sale

For Sale

At our meetings in Vista we are selling bulk seed, 5 lb. millet, nets, food dishes, finch leg bands (elastic) grass for nest boxes. and small bags of grit, shell, seed,  Contact Antonio directly or through a message below, if  you want to pick up a large bag of seed (25# or 50#) at the next meeting. 

Strawbery Finches born 2023, $300 for pair Lalo


Young Gouldians for sale. Evelyn  April




Gouldians - Black headed - Francis 619-602-1569 Jan


Young Gouldians - Francis 619-602-1569 Dec

Young Gouldians or Trade, Bourkes & Handtame Cockatiels

- Brenda 619-987-2033 Dec

Owl Finch - Male - Michele 858-271-6529  Dec

Cockatiels - Lynn 951-240-0626 Dec


Princess of Wales, DNA'd male $350 and

Australian Crested Dove DNA'd male.$85   Jill 760-535-2998 Oct

Gouldians (young) - Francis 619-602-1569 Oct

Canary- red factor (at end of Nov)

Zebras $60 a pair (sale!)

Societies $15 each (sale!)

Button Quails $10 (sale!)

Bourkes rare colors 

Tame (handfed) Cockatiels $125 and up

Brenda 619-987-2033 Oct

Torquosines and Rosey Bourkes and Female Cockatiels, and

Hagoromo Parakeets - Tony - 619-245-7596 Sep

Canaries - European green finch 619-997-5293 sep


Finches and other Birds  Wanted



(If calling leave a message as many people don’t answer phones)

“F” = Female / “M”= Male



New Finch Enthusiast GERALDO lives in La Jolla and is

building an aviary. Is there any member who lives near there

and could see how he is doing? He doesn't have finches yet. 6198473453 Feb

Gouldian Finch - Mary Martin 760-412-7180  January

Owl Finches / Stafford Canary - Karen 760-650-5707  Jan

Scarlet Chested normal female - 619-887-3989 Sue Jan 

Elegant -Male = Greg 951-367-6132 jan

Cutthroat hen - Normal Turqs Melinda 951-692-2859 Jan

Gouldian hens 2 redhead - Francis 619-602-1569 jan

Elegant - male, Gregory 951-367-6132   Jan


Diamond Sparrows - Frances 619-602-1569 Dec

Gouldians, BlueCap Owl, Glouster Canary, Parrot Finch F, Love some Tourquisines - Brenda 619-987-2033 Dec

Blue Headed Parrot Finch - F - Tonya 435-429-4182 Dec

Cutthroat Hen - Melinsa 951-692-2859 Dec

female, red rump Parakeet - Patrice 858 705 3836 Dec

Pair Cordon Bleu's Tonya 435 772 1240 Dec



F Molucaan Cockatoo - John 760-500-1907 Oct

M Normal Turqs Elegants - Melinda 951-692-2859 Oct

F Blue Faced, Ann 949-322-1834 Oct

F Scarlett Chested, Francis 619-602-1569 Oct

F Green or Grey Singer, Brenda 619-987-2033 Oct


Yellow Turquoisine parakeet - Male & Female Lori 858-754-7853 Sep

Female blue faced parrot finch - Ann SMith 949-322-1834 sep

Female Truquoise Parakeet - Collette - 760-708-5201 sep

Star finch F - Josh Longfellow,   619-957- 6568 sep 

"Retired" male goulds, orange&black heads white chest -

Nancy 760-415-9984 sep

Female Scarlette Chested, Female Pale headed rosella -

Patrice 858-705-3836 sep


Want to Sell or Find a Finch? Send Us the Info.
You must be a current member of our Finch Society!

Please include all relevant info about the bird(s) plus your contact information. Make sure to let us know when we can remove from the site. :)


Thanks for submitting!

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