Welcome to the Official site of the Finch Society of San Diego County (FSSDC) Serving Southern California Finch and Softbill Breeders since 1973.  The FSSDC is for all aviculturists with a love for and special interests in all varieties of finches and softbills, from little Zebra Finches to giant Toucans.


The purpose of our Society is to join together individuals who share a common interest in collecting and breeding finches, doves and softbills.

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Finch of the Month!


Happy September! The orange-breasted waxbill (Amandava subflava) or zebra waxbill, is a small (approximately 9 cm long) sparrow-like bird with a reddish iris, orange breast, red bill and dark olive-green plumage. The male has a red rump, dark bars on the whitish flank and a scarlet eyebrow stripe. The female is duller and smaller than male; it also lacks the male's red eyebrow. The orange-breasted waxbill is found in grassland and savannahs south of the Sahara in Africa.

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